3 Best Free SEO Tools To Check Your Ranking On Google

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Looking to improve your website’s SEO? Wondering where does my website rank in Google? SEO companies and services can help you, but there are also free SEO tools you can use!

There is a sea of free tools to try, but not all are helpful and insightful. This article explains the three best free SEO tools that can help you see how your website ranks on Google.

Google rankings and SEO are important, so moving your website up on the results page can improve your business and bring new clients to your page. And these tools can help you get to the top of the first page!

It’s important to note that you don’t have to choose only one of these free SEO tools to figure out how your website ranks.

It’s productive to use all three tools discussed below to enhance your website and content. You may discover a favorite tool, but taking advantage of all the free SEO tools you can is the best move.

Why You Need These Tools

Many people think whatever shows up on their Google search results page appears on everyone else’s too. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you Google your name or your business’s name and your website is the first result, this may not happen for all Google users.

The Google algorithm and cookies play a significant part in what Google shows you when you search for something. Below are the top factors that influence search page results for an individual:

  • Physical location: Google shows nearby results first
  • Browsing history: Google will show frequently visited sites
  • Search settings: Google search settings can focus on certain kinds of websites

Along with these varying factors, the results also account for keywords in queries, page usability, the authority of sources, and more. But the factors above can vary substantially from person to person.

As you can see, if you’re wondering “where does my website rank on Google?” a simple Google search from your device and account is insufficient. Luckily, there are SEO tools available that help you check your genuine Google ranking, so you can understand how your website fares and make informed decisions to increase traffic.

Simply put, you need these SEO tools because searching your website on your device in your area will not yield accurate ranking results.

Google Search Console

Check Website Ranking On Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the top SEO tools you can use for free. This tool from Google can help you see what keywords your website ranks for, helping you improve keyword density and usage.

You can verify your website on the search console and start using it as a google website rank checker using the instructions provided by Google. After setting up the Seach Console, you’ll see a tab labeled Performance, which gives you analytics and insight into how your website and SEO perform. The tab will show you:

  • Total clicks
  • Total impressions
  • Average click-through-rate
  • Average position in rankings
  • Keyword list

If your main question is “where does my website rank in Google,” the average position section is your new best friend. This tab shows where you usually land in the search results when people Google the top keywords associated with your site. Rankings are fluid, so one day you may be number two and a few days later you may fall to number ten.

The total clicks tab shows you specific keywords that led people to your site. This feature helps you see what particular keywords drive traffic to your website, helping you create better SEO content in the future. The higher the keyword impressions, the more people are clicking on your website.

Since your goal is to figure out your website fares on Google, using free Google SEO tools is one of the best ways to get analytics on your site.


Ahrefs SEO Tool

Another option is the Ahrefs free keyword rank checker. Using this tool to gain insight is a little more manual than what the Google Search Console does.

You need to type in the keyword you want to see your rankings for. So if you have 20 keywords you want to check your rankings for, you must enter each keyword one at a time. Slightly inconvenient? Yes. But the analytical insights can be helpful.

Essentially, this SEO tool is like Googling a keyword and seeing where your site ranks without the personal information that can skew results (physical location, search settings, and browsing history). This tool is especially helpful if you want to know what keywords you need to use more and what keywords are working well to drive traffic.

For example, if your ranking results for the keyword “fresh produce” are showing you on the second page of Google, you can spend the next few weeks incorporating that word into your content and website more. Use Ahrefs to periodically check the keyword rankings to see how your efforts have changed the ranking.

This SEO tool is ideal for people who have been adhering to decent SEO practices and now want to monitor how they’re doing on Google. It doesn’t offer the range of information that Google Search Console, but can help you narrow your focus for improving SEO content.

In other words, you need to have an established list of keywords beforehand, because Ahrefs isn’t helpful unless you have keywords you want to rank higher for.


where does my website rank in google

Ubersuggest allows you to track search results for millions of keywords. Not only can it show you how your website ranks using these keyword searches, but it will also reveal what sites rank higher than yours, so you can analyze your direct competitors.

Finding the top-ranking websites for your keywords allows you to study their SEO tactics and find inspiration or better practices.

Unfortunately, Ubersuggest is free for limited results. If you do not want to pay, you only get three free lookups per day. However, even one list of results per day can help you substantially improve your Google rankings.

A single search using your website’s URL will give you a page of analytics showing you the top keywords you rank for and what position you rank in for each.

This SEO tool arms you with a lot of information. You may be ranking super high for keywords you didn’t know were increasing your traffic!

An excellent strategy is to use Ubersuggest to build a list of relevant keywords and then use Ahrefs to check how you rank for them as you improve SEO and content.

You may also notice a lack of effectiveness with keywords you focused on too much. Ubersuggest helps you see what is working and what is not, so you can make improvements. Remember, you only get three free searches every day, so use them wisely!

Paid SEO Tool Alternatives

If these free SEO tools are not enough for you, consider paid alternatives. Below are a few of the best paid SEO tools to consider if you think your budget can afford them:

  • SEMRush
  • Moz Pro
  • KWFinder
  • Majestic
  • Google Trends
  • Siteliner

The cost and features of each of these SEO services differ, so do a little research before committing to one. While free SEO tools are wonderful, investing in advanced SEO services can be a wise business decision. 

How Important Is It To Be a Top Google Listing?

When you Google search anything, you get a page of results with ten websites. Think about how often you click on the second page of Google. Probably not very often.

Even if you are a second-page explorer, most people are not. Only about a quarter of Google users go to the second page, and as SEO and rankings improve, fewer people venture to the next page. As high as 92% of Google users find what they were looking for on the first page of results.

Word of mouth and physical store locations do not generate as much business as they once did. Now, everything is about Google rankings. Even if you are not a tech-forward business, putting yourself on the first page of Google can drastically increase your success.

Second-page Google results account for less than 6% of all website clicks, so getting to the top of Google is vital for a successful website.

Don’t underestimate the power of SEO and the Google algorithm.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is to prioritize SEO if you want to drive traffic to your website. Some business owners estimate how effective good SEO practices can boost their business.

Don’t miss out on customers because you neglect to take advantage of SEO. To find out the answer to “where does my website rank on Google?” use one or all of these free SEO tools.

As mentioned, these SEO tools are not mutually exclusive, but they can work wonderfully together. Using all three of recommended SEO tools here can help you understand your keywords and how your website fits into the Google algorithm.

Play around with these free SEO tools to discover your site’s SEO strengths and weaknesses and work toward a better ranking!