6 Free Website Builder for Small Business in 2023

Creating a website is the first step for many small businesses to expand online. Traditional methods for creating a website involve hiring a designer to create an entire website from scratch for your business, but now there are free website makers for businesses.

What Is a Website Builder?

Website builders allow businesses and entrepreneurs to build websites without needing to pay developers or designers. The point of a website builder is to bypass the technical aspects of coding and designing assets from scraps.

Most website builders have helpful features, such as templates or drag-and-drop editors. Website builders are easy to use and eliminate the most complex aspects of website design. 

Why Should You Use a Website Builder?

You should consider free website makers for your business if you want to create your website and don’t have a lot of capital. Hiring website designers takes money and time. Additionally, personal development isn’t always up to you.

Consider a website builder if you want to be hands-on with creating your website. Using website-building platforms also provides great perks. For example, stock photos, template galleries, and integrations are available to users.

Top Free Website BuildersKey FeaturesWho’s it Best For?Most Popular Paid Version Price
WixWix Editor, Media Galleries, TemplatesE-commerce & Bloggers$22 per month
WeeblyBuilder, Integrations, Weebly PromoteE-commerce$12 per month
MozelloMultilingual Content Creation, SEO and Marketing Tools, Adaptive and Mobile-ready DesignsE-commerce$16 per month
WebflowInteractions, Webflow Logic, Advanced SEOE-commerce, Bloggers & Service Providers$23 per month
GoDaddyDesigner-made Templates, Web Analytics, IntegrationsE-commerce, Bloggers Marketers & Service Providers$14.99 per month
JimdoAutomatic SEO, Mobile Optimization, Facebook and Instagram IntegrationE-commerce & Bloggers$14 per month

Wix Overview

Wix is the top website builder because it doesn’t restrict its user as much as other website builders. Instead, Wix provides features that improve on their already fully functional website-building service. Here’s a brief overview of everything you need to know about Wix. 

Wix Features

Before deciding whether or not to dedicate your time to Wix, consider these features that make it stand out over its competitors. 

Wix Editor

The Wix Editor is a strong drag-and-drop editor that lets users edit and design easily. The benefits of a website builder are how easy it makes creating a website, and the Wix editor provides every feature necessary, such as templates, media galleries, and grids. 

Media Galleries

Wix’s media galleries are amazing video and image assets that help you create your website. Most Wix websites use the media gallery, which makes an overlap at times. When you select an image or video, you can also adjust and edit it via the Wix editor.


One of the greatest features that Wix offers is its extensive templates. The templates you get from Wix allow you to create amazing websites quickly. You can create amazing ecommerce shops and blogs with these templates without much effort.

What Makes Wix A Great Choice?

What separates Wix from its competitors is accessibility. Wix is the most user-friendly website builder on the market, but it doesn’t just focus on ease of use. The Wix Editor can handle complex tasks if you know how to use it. 

Who Benefits From Wix?

Bloggers and e-commerce businesses benefit the most from Wix. Wix provides impressive integrations to get stores and blogs up and to run quickly. Stores get direct integration with various transaction methods, and blogs get access to advanced SEO features. 

Should You Use Wix?

If you’re looking into creating a website via a website builder, you should consider trying Wix. Wix provides every feature you need for creating a website, plus more. As the number one recommendation, Wix should be your first choice as a website builder. 

Weebly Overview

Like Wix, Weebly is an impressive web builder that allows users to create beautiful and functional blogs and online stores. Weebly is among the highest-rated web builders because of the value it provides for the time and money you spend on it. 

Weebly Features

Here are the key features you’ll want to know about when using Weebly. 


Weebly’s builder focuses on creating simple and functional websites. Unlike Wix, Weebly’s builder has some restrictions when designing your website, but you get more impressive-looking websites. With Wix’s builder, you’ll find numerous graphical and functionality errors.


You can expand your experience with Weebly for yourself and your customers with integrations. Weebly’s app store provides app integrations for booking, calendars, marketing, and social media tools. Shop around and see what apps best fit your website. 

Weebly Promote

For newer businesses, marketing can be a hassle. With Weebly’s marketing features, you don’t have to stress too much about finding the best marketing methods. For example, Weebly lets you build a smart email list for impressive email marketing campaigns. 

What Makes Weebly A Great Choice?

Weebly stands as a close second alternative to Wix. What makes Weebly a great alternative and an impressive choice is the number of features Weebly provides. Weebly also provides a plethora of integrations to help beef up your website-building experience. 

Who Benefits From Weebly?

Weebly benefits bloggers and e-commerce stores. Most SEO features a blogger wants are present, and Weebly provides everything an e-commerce store needs to operate and function. You’ll also get a head start on marketing campaigns through Weebly Promote. 

Should You Use Weebly?

If you don’t mind giving up some creative freedom, you should use Weebly. The main difference between Weebly and Wix is how their builders focus on different things. Weebly’s builder focuses on functionality and simplicity over creative freedom.

Mozello Overview

If you’re looking for a free website maker for your business with little or no start-up costs, you should consider Mozello. Mozello provides an impressive website builder that focuses on creating simple and easy-to-navigate online stores. 

Mozello Features

Here are the features that make Mozello stand out as a free website builder. 

Multilingual Content Creation

A feature that many websites, if any, provide is the option to create multilingual content for audiences beyond your homeland. With Mozello, you can attract more customers globally by making your store and content available in more than one language. 

SEO and Marketing Tools

Every great website builder needs a decent set of SEO tools, but Mozello provides free marketing and SEO tools for their free users. You’ll have everything you need to get traffic and make a splash in search engines using Mozello’s analytics and SEO tools. 

Adaptive and Mobile-ready Designs

To make your time creating your store easier, Mozello provides adaptive and mobile-ready designs to ease the hassle of starting from scratch. These template designs are a lifesaver for users who want to get their store online as quickly as possible. 

What Makes Mozello A Great Choice?

Mozello is an attractive option for small businesses that want to appeal to more than one audience. Since Mozello allows you to translate your content and store it in multiple languages, it is the most attractive option for entrepreneurs who want to expand into different regions. 

Who Benefits From Mozello?

Small businesses heavily benefit from Mozello because there is little start-up cost. Mozello allows most businesses to scale since it doesn’t require too much capital or website design experience. 

Should You Use Mozello?

If you’re a small business looking to dip your toes into e-commerce, you should consider Mozello. Additionally, if you’re a small business looking to break into the global market, you’ll have the easiest time with Mozello because of its multilingual content creation features. 

Webflow Overview

Webflow is the builder of choice for people who care about presentation. With Webflow, you can create visually stunning websites and an immersive and interactive experience for your readers and consumers. 

Webflow Features

Here are some key features that help make Webflow stand out as a website builder. 


Something you can do with Webflow that you can’t do as effectively with other website builders is creating visually stunning animations. You can craft animations that build your pages and content as you scroll or even create micro-interactions based on your mouse movement. 

Webflow Logic

With Logic, you can streamline your website’s triggers and actions and set conditions to automate CRM processes such as product recommendations and email marketing. There are plenty of ways to use Logic to automate and simplify tasks on your website. 

Advanced SEO

Webflow provides impressive SEO features that go beyond traffic analytics. With Webflow, you can easily edit every aspect of your website to optimize your SEO content with optimal keywords and appropriate blog post meta descriptions. 

What Makes Webflow A Great Choice?

Webflow is a great choice because of the amazing websites you create with it. While other web builders focus on functionality and simplicity, Webflow focuses on aesthetically pleasing web pages. Webflow also achieves these impressive visuals without sacrificing functionality. 

Who Benefits From Webflow?

Webflow benefits e-commerce businesses of any size. Bloggers also benefit heavily, but Webflow appeals to professionals who provide services, such as consultants and contractors. Additionally, artists and writers can create stunning portfolios with Webflow. 

Should You Use Webflow?

If you’re looking for a web builder that is pleasing to look at, you should pick Webflow. The stunning websites you can create are reason enough to consider Webflow your builder of choice, but its Logic feature is another great reason for those who love automation. 

GoDaddy Overview

The true all-in-one package. GoDaddy is the only web builder on this list that truly provides everything you need in one place. It boasts reliable servers, custom templates, marketing features, and many integrations if your website needs something added. 

GoDaddy Features

Here are some features that make GoDaddy stand out from its competitors. 

Designer-made Templates

Each template the GoDaddy offers is custom-made to provide the best experience for your visitors. These templates have customizable themes to change the layout, fonts, and colors. GoDaddy makes sure these templates are ready for mobile use too. 

Web Analytics

GoDaddy comes with its unique form of web analytics. You can track your website traffic, search ranking, and email campaigns. Additionally, you can track orders and monitor online comments to better gauge how your readers engage with your content. 


GoDaddy boasts an impressive array of integrations that improve your website-building experience and your visitor’s experience as a whole. For example, marketing and booking features are abundant, and an array of social media integrations are also available. 

What Makes GoDaddy A Great Choice?

GoDaddy is a great choice for people who want all the tools they need to create a website in one place. GoDaddy provides domain names, online marketing features, and a website builder. There is no better option for those who want a true all-for-one experience. 

Who Benefits From GoDaddy?

All businesses, regardless of size, benefit from GoDaddy. Small e-commerce businesses will see the best use of GoDaddy because of the resources available to them. Consider GoDaddy if you have website-building experience and are looking for a reliable hosting service. 

Should You Use GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is free to start and has everything you need to launch and maintain your website. If you don’t want any tradeoffs, GoDaddy is your best bet. GoDaddy is secure, and its servers provide one of the most stable experiences on the market for free web builders. 

Jimdo Overview

Jimdo is one of the best options available for small online shops. Jimdo is straightforward, with basic features that help sell your products with little hassle. The value small shop owners get from Jimdo is limitless, and they continue to update and provide features to their users. 

Jimdo Features

While it doesn’t boast as many features as other website builders, it provides the necessity. Here are a few key features to consider before committing to Jimdo.

Automatic SEO

SEO is important for blogs and websites Jimdo’s automatic SEO handles SEO optimization tasks for your website. Anytime a task needs your attention Jimdo’s automatic SEO feature provides you tips that help you improve your website traffic. 

Mobile Optimization

Most people view websites and do their shopping on their phones. Jimdo understands this and provides a unique way to optimize your visitor’s mobile experience. Regardless of the screen size or resolution, Jimdo will optimize your website for most mobile devices.

Facebook and Instagram Integration

Direct access to Facebook and Instagram is a nice feature that Jimdo provides. Since you can integrate with both social media platforms, you can seamlessly sell your products and promote your store and services on both Facebook and Instagram. 

What Makes Jimdo A Great Choice?

The main thing that makes Jimdo a good website builder, besides it being free, is how easy and basic it is for new users. Starting your website with Jimdo may be the best choice for businesses with little website development experience. 

Who Benefits From Jimdo?

Entrepreneurs who want to open a small online store will benefit the most from Jimdo. Jimdo will provide an easy learning experience if you’re new to e-commerce. Bloggers will also benefit from Jimdo because of its automatic SEO feature and analytics. 

Should You Use Jimdo?

Creating an online shop is simple, efficient, and fast. If you don’t care much about advanced features and don’t want to deal with complex web design, you should use Jimdo. When put up against other website builders, Jimdo provides the easiest and most hassle-free experience. 

Final Thoughts

So, what are the best free website makers for your business? In our opinion, Wix is your best bet, but every website maker has different pros and cons. Hopefully we’ve covered everything you need to know about the various other free website makers for business.